Vivatinell is a manufacturing company that produces health care products, functional foods and beverages, food supplements and cosmetics with formulations that are all based on the scientific evidences and safe ingredients. We have grown rapidly since 2008 producing more than 60 products in 11 brands. All the products that are currently in the portfolio of Vivatinell are licensed and patented products with proven efficacy and safety.

Vivatinell Ltd is dedicated to maintain the highest human health and environmental care in her work and to improve individual health of every single consumer. We care health and well-being of every individual of any age with innovative products to enhance the quality of life.

Our different brands help us understanding and internalizing of consumer focused concepts with scientific and safe approaches attest our commitment to well-being and healthy life. Now we are selling our products to domestic market and export more than 14 countries located in Europe and Middle East.


2010: Vivatinell was found under the ‘Always new to customer’ approach. Vivatinell gave full weight to Research and Development.

2011: Nutrigen Kids Nutrigenomics was born. Nutrigen serves different products to different needs of the different children.

2012: Vivatinell started the production of cosmopharmaceutic products such as Revigen, Acnecinamide and S’xtiva under CE body number sign. Vivatinell produced Enjoy Sun Creams which includes nanoparticles titanium dioxide and were first application of nanoparticles technology in sun creams.

2013: Vivatinell reached a huge success that two Nutrigen kids supplement, Ferromixin and Vitamixin sprinkles created relevant to WHO and Unicef principles, accessed the recommendation list of NHS (National Health Service). Vivatinell starts to produce functional beverages under Vitavin Brand. For daily use cosmetics a new brand names as Aquas is established and produced for market shelves.

2014: Launches Nutrigen Nutri-foods which are high fibre, low calorie puddings, powdered drink mixes and smoothie powders to maintain normal weight of children.